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Awards introduction

The FHC Golden Apple Award, presented by the Organizing Committee FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show , is dedicated to honoring excellence in all food and beverage catagories. These awards provides great opportunities for brands and products to gain recognition and appreciation in the industry. The winning brands or individuals will be recognized with an award at the FHC Opening Ceremony Dinner and can highlight their contribution and achievements to the food and beverage industry.

Awards Establishment

The awards will be given in three categories: Food Ingredients, Brands, and Best Chefs, with a total of 24 individual awards.



“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Ingredients Meat Brand of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Processed Meat Brand of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Aquatic Seafood Brand of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Condiment Brand of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Prepared Food of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Pastry and Bakery Brand of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Snacks Brand of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Dairy Brand of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Canned Food of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award"Best Coffee & Beverage Brand of the Year



“FHC Golden Apple Award"the Best Healthy Food of the Year Award
“FHC Golden Apple Award" Most Trustworthy Partner of the Year
“FHC Golden Apple Award" Best Cooperation Partner of the Year


*Individual awards are uniformly assessed by the organizing committee

The FHC GOLDEN APPLE AWARD has also set up exclusive awards for outstanding chefs and beverage baristas, conveying ingenuity and craftsmanship, and encouraging artisans who contribute to the catering, beverage and coffee & tea industries.

Members of the Jury

The list is as of August 5, 2021 and will be updated from time to time.

Selection criteria and mechanism

The selection committee members are from the masters of Chinese and Western cooking and baking desserts, as well as the mainstream coffee judges from beverages and coffee. They mainly consider the products through the following four aspects:

● Brand story
● Product traceability
● Product perception
● Appreciation of works (participate offline cooking or testing of products on site)

If your product, brand or marketing team has outstanding characteristics and advantages and meets the following selection mechanism, we welcome you to contact us to participate in the 2021 FHC GOLDEN APPLE AWARD selection activity.

Your company's brand or product

1. Suitable for market demand and in line with the development trend of catering industry
2. Able to clearly communicate its R&D, nutritional value, health or functionality characteristics
3. Provide consumers with added value in terms of taste and flavor
4. Have greater market influence on customer groups
5. Provide customers or consumers with clearly directed labels, with a deep impression design
6. Provide the brand with matching added value, such as recognition, recognition, etc.
7. Provide its convenience, including but not limited to storage, transportation conditions, etc.
8. Reduce resource waste, eliminate excessive packaging, and adhere to the concept of sustainable development

Excellent and ingenious industry master

1. Have unique insights and development capabilities for ingredients or ingredients
2. Have a strong creativity, and have a strong love for cooking, baking desserts, coffee drinks, etc.
3. With a sense of responsibility for the development of the industry and a strong awareness of environmental protection, I provide suggestions for the catering, coffee and beverage industries

Selection requirements

Priority 2021FHC Exhibitors for Selection

You can participate in the 2021 FHC as an exhibitor or cooperate with related events and competitions. You will have the opportunity to be selected for the 2021 FHC GOLDEN APPLE AWARDS annual awards, or
   ● Provide a 200-word product description: why do you think your product/person/team can win prizes; and attach two high-definition pictures.
   ● You can also add other information to support your input of all claims within 200 text introductions. It can take the form of video links or links to research and supporting documents.
   ● Please make sure to clearly express how your products are truly competitive and innovative, introduce new concepts, provide added value and have market influence.
   ● Please make sure to clearly express how your individual or team meets the selection criteria, and what outstanding performances will further expand the company's brand or product influence or market recognition.
   ● Products participate in offline exhibitions/roadshows organized by HOT or FHC, and conduct on-site cooking, application testing and tasting of products.


   ● FHC 2021 exhibitors or event sponsors, please contact your account manager to obtain the award application form and submit relevant materials. The award preparation team will contact you within 3 working days to confirm the completeness of your information.
   ● For Non-exhibitor or event sponsor, please contact: 86 21 3339 2234.


Contact us

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